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Report a concern relating to Winter Maintenance (Icing or Gritting)

This form is to report issues relating to icing or gritting.

As you may be aware, Aberdeen City Council carry out winter maintenance operations using a priority system. During a particularly icy spell, priority 1 routes are repeatedly gritted until they remain clear and safe for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Depending on the severity of the conditions, treatment can often be delayed on priority 2 and 3 routes as all the Council's resources are tied up on priority 1 routes.

Priority 1 routes are defined as trunk, principal or other classified roads which serve as major traffic distributors. These carry heavy traffic flows, public service bus routes or access public service or emergency facilities.

Priority 2 routes are defined as principal and other classified roads not included in the Priority 1 list but still serve as main roads or as traffic distributors. They will carry medium traffic flows or give access to community or public facilities of a nonessential nature.

Priority 3 routes are defined as access roads, service roads and minor roads where it could be expected that residents and employees could make their way with some difficulty in all but abnormal conditions to the nearest priority route.

If you think the issue you are reporting is an emergency, please call 03000 200 292.

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