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Blacktop cup-marked stone

Cup-marked stone

Cup-marked stone

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This boulder is located at Blacktop, Aberdeen and is covered in 'cup' marks, some surrounded by shallow rings. This stone is one of the best preserved cup stones not associated with a stone circle in this area of Scotland. These stones were decorated in the Bronze Age, dating from about 2500-1000BC. It is possible to see the shallow depressions all over the surface which is facing the camera. These have all been created using a flint or metal tool. It has not been possible to determine why these stones were so highly decorated. Stones with 'cup' or 'cup-and-ring' marks are often found on the recumbent or flanker stones of a stone circle. They have been found at 12 stone circle sites in the north-east.

Current Status: Beside a track on farm land.

Author and Date: Alison Cameron - 07/02/2007

SMR Number: NJ80SE 0004

Site Type(s): Cup-marked stone, Rock Art

Period(s): Bronze Age

Parish: Peterculter

Map Reference: NJ85900445

RCAHMS Number(s): NJ80SE 4