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Commemorative Plaques Record Details

James Gibbs (1682 - 1754)

Picture of the Palque

Location : West St Nicholas Church, West Wall, Union Street

Area : Central Aberdeen

Plaque Type : Yellow

About James Gibbs : Architect. Born in Footdee, Aberdeen, he studied in Italy and his Book of Architecture helped to spread the Palladian style throughout the New World. A friend and disciple of Sir Christopher Wren, in 1713 Gibbs became one of the commissioners for building new churches in London. He went on to design St. Martin-in-the-Fields (1726), St. Bartholomew's Hospital (1730), The Senate House for Cambridge University (1730), The Radcliffe Camera for Oxford University (1737-47) and West St. Nicholas Church in Aberdeen (constructed 1752-55). He was made a Burgess of Aberdeen in 1739.