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Commemorative Plaques Record Details

Agnes Thomson

Location : 13 Albert Street

Area : Central Aberdeen

Plaque Type : Yellow

About Agnes Thomson : Agnes Thomson (nee Baxter) was born in Brechin 13 May 1880. She was Dux of Brechin High School and was one of the first women at Aberdeen University to graduate in arts, medicine and science M.A., 1902; B.Sc, 1905; M.B., 1907. Thomson was awarded the Fife Jamieson Medal for serving as Medical Officer during World War One and was appointed as Anaesthetist and Lecturer at Aberdeen Sick Children’s and Maternity Hospital situated at Castle Terrace, Aberdeen 1916 - 1919.

Thomson was instrumental in founding the Aberdeen Mother and Baby Home, as she was aware of the desperate need for a home for unmarried mothers in Aberdeen. She also volunteered her services to the Mother and Child Welfare Association, which was established to address the high death rate of babies and toddlers in the east end of Aberdeen.

In 1925 Aberdeen Children’s Shelter was opened on the first floor at 38 Castle Street, Aberdeen. This was set up to care for children whose mothers were ill or in hospital. It also provided care for lost children until reclaimed. The local paper Evening Express raised £2400 through an appeal to convert and equip the premises. 1,278 children that were cared for in the first 18 months. Homeless mothers and children on remand from the courts were also accommodated.

Thomson worked tirelessly campaigning and writing letters to the council appealing for better housing being fully aware many of her patients were living in slum conditions and that this was unacceptable for their health and wellbeing.

Thomson was Chairman of Aberdeen branch of the Women Association and in April 1945, and was elected president of the Scottish Council of Women Citizens’ Association.

Sponsor : Aberdeen Women's Alliance